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Yes, there are ways to renew your driver`s license online. Please note, however, that these options include additional administration and/or delivery fees. First National Bank, Renew, Motor Hero and Easy Renew are examples of online portals that can help you renew your driver`s license – with your drive delivered to your door. If you have not received the MVL2 licence renewal notice by mail, complete the MVL1 form, which you can download below, and bring the completed form with you to the mail. Soon, you will be able to renew your driver`s license at all Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Usave and Shoprite points of sale in Gauteng, with other provinces to follow. No one is looking forward to the time of year when their car`s license needs to be renewed. But we need to renew our licenses. In this guide, we`ll help you put your ducks in a row so that your renewal process can go as smoothly as possible. Driver`s licence renewal fees vary from province to province and municipal region to province and can cost between R204 and R972 if the renewal is processed before the 21-day grace period expires. If you renew your vehicle`s licence after this grace period has expired, additional penalties will apply and additional administrative fees may also apply if you renew your licence online or at retail stores. Click the buttons below to find a post office that processes license renewals in your area. Your driver`s licence must be renewed every year before it expires.

If you do not renew your license before it expires, you may have to pay a penalty fee unless there is a 21-day grace period. Any car insurance you have is not valid during this period. The grace period is calculated from the expiry date on your vehicle`s licence sticker. The driver`s license application will be processed immediately and the new drive will be issued at the time of payment. The only time you wait to receive your new disc is when you have renewed your license online, with the option to have it delivered to your home or business address. In this case, delivery can take between 1 and 3 days. If a vehicle is registered in your name, you must have the following documents on hand when renewing your driving licence: You can successfully renew your driving licence at most South African post offices. If you don`t have the time or opportunity to stand in line and renew your driver`s license, then yes, you can hire someone to process the application and make a payment on your behalf. Renewonline is an online renewal portal that also offers the ability to renew driver`s licenses at retail stores across the country. These outlets include some Spar, pick `n pay and postnet stores, as well as all outdoor safari shops. You will receive a 21-day grace period if you have not renewed your expired driver`s licence. The grace period is calculated from the expiration date of the current license CD.

You must renew your driver`s license with your local registration authority or a selected post office in your area. Semi-annual renewal of the driving licence of a motor vehicle: Bus driving licences must be renewed every six months, as their roadworthiness certificate is only valid for six months. To renew your driver`s license at the post office, you must bring the MVL2 form, which will be sent to you by mail, a copy of the identity card and the corresponding fee. It is advisable to make a copy of your ID before leaving, otherwise you will be subject to the 80C photocopying fee charged by the post office. You will need the following documents for a vehicle registered in the name of an organization or company: Form MVL1 (Application for a Motor Vehicle Driver`s License) is available from any registration authority or selected post offices You must renew your motor vehicle license every year before it expires. If you do not renew your license, you must pay penalties and license arrears late. Note: Licences for buses must be renewed every 6 months (semi-annually) and must be accompanied by a road and operational safety certificate. This person must provide the administrator with the following: Vehicle owners can now renew their driver`s licence at certain post offices across the country. Currently, the service is available in 5 of our provinces, with latecomers – Mpumalanga, North Cape, North-West and Western Cape – still able to join the party. Click here to renew.. .