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The pop-up window to accept the terms and conditions continued to appear and the terms and conditions were never made available for acceptance. To solve this problem, I went to the settings, logged out and went back to iCloud, immediately the terms and conditions pop-up appeared with the terms and conditions and the accept button. Thank you Daniel! Read the terms and conditions section carefully and find out if any of these inclusions may compromise your privacy and security when using your phone for sensitive transactions such as mobile banking. If you make such confidential transactions, Apple may not be suitable for you. Having another device for your sensitive belongings and activities would be a lifeline. Same thing here! It is a loop after clicking on Terms and Conditions. What must I do? Also, I had this problem, stupid if you can`t really accept the terms and conditions. It worked for me. I have a primary iCloud, but as described, I had set up 2 additional iCloud accounts for email under Email Settings. Once you click on each of them, you will be prompted to accept the t and c, and then the loop will disappear. Thank you very much. Many users have reported that Apple`s terms and conditions are boring, time-consuming, and tiring to read. Some say the content is difficult to read and understand.

Others say the content is legally binding. Nevertheless, every Apple user needs to pay attention to the content, read it and fully understand it. Instead, you simply go back to the homepage and wait to finally agree to the terms provided. For this reason, you should be smart enough if you decide to continue or discontinue your plan to use Apple services. If your access is restricted, you should understand that you cannot continue the acceptance process. This can happen if you have enabled the “Screen Time” feature on your device. Usually, this special feature is used as parental controls to protect children from harmful content and apps and prevent them from playing with device settings that could compromise the overall functionality. The Screen Time feature includes restrictions on any changes to your device, including acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Thank you very much!!!!!!! The notification is so annoying and can`t get rid of it until I see your post. The first step helps, it is the second iCloud account that I did not accept, makes it impossible to accept the main one (how stupid it is…). So, check your entire iCloud account under the list of internet accounts. It`s simple and there`s nothing to worry about if you choose to disagree. You simply won`t be able to go any further and enjoy the service. If you click the “Disagree” button when setting up your iPhone, you won`t be accused of illegal people. Similarly, Apple will not give you the opportunity to renegotiate the content of its terms and conditions so that you can accept it. Either way, it`s important that you agree to Apple`s terms and conditions. Any new Apple user should carefully read the content of the Terms and Conditions before it begins.

So what do Apple`s terms and conditions say? This article shows you what you need to know and consider in advance. Another possibility is that Apple services are not available in your area. Apple has servers spread across all parts of the world to avoid traffic jams, and from time to time there is maintenance. You should be able to check the status of online services. If the services in your area have failed (red dot), wait until they turn green. After that, you should be able to complete the new process of accepting iCloud terms. A pop-up window will appear on my phone asking me to accept the new terms and conditions. To turn off these notifications, I need to turn off iCloud.

Unfortunately, when I go to my settings to disable iCloud, I have to accept the new terms and conditions to even disable iCloud! Assuming you haven`t tried restarting your device yet, it`s possible that your device`s resources are overloaded. This could be the reason why you cannot proceed with the acceptance process. If you haven`t tried it yet, you will have to perform a reboot process to force the device to unload all the pending processes. This solution doesn`t seem to work for me – I only have 1 iCloud account linked to my Mac (and an Exchange/Office 365 account). If I go to “Internet Accounts” and then “iCloud”, I am not asked to accept the terms and conditions. Yes, it also did the trick for me. This makes sense, I think, because installing the latest version of iCloud automatically means that you agree to the latest terms. In fact, I fixed the problem on my Mac by signing out and logging back in. Oddly enough, he never asked me to accept the terms and conditions again, so he may have already agreed but just wasn`t updated. Apple`s Terms and Conditions are intended to protect the Company from any form of legal action, only in the event that you are not satisfied with the Service or the Product. It would be the same if the product harms or hurts you.

Similarly, these Terms and Conditions are intended to unlawfully protect Apple`s property from distribution and use. Sometimes, you have problems with your iCloud password. Even if your iCloud account suddenly wants to re-enter your password, you will never succeed with the steps provided. If you have a developer version or a version that you need to re-enter, enter the iCloud password in the terms and conditions never seen before. Or you can`t unsubscribe. Because you have to go to the internet accounts and re-enter your password for your iCloud account. I finally made it work, but I had to sign out of my iCloud iMac account completely. then back. The resynchronization was painful, but it worked. I also went on all my other Apple devices, two iPads, 4 Apple TVs, a Macbook Air and an older 2nd iMac. Everything on all devices now seems to be working fine. Every new Apple user must fully learn and understand the Apple Terms of Service before signing in.

This will help you avoid the hassle and unnecessary things that can harm your online security and privacy and make you feel vulnerable. No matter how long the terms and conditions last, you should endure them and read them carefully for a worry-free experience once you`ve accepted what`s in them. Hopefully, this article will help you decide whether to continue or not. Screen time disabled and then I was able to accept the terms and conditions. Now that your operating system has been updated, you can continue to accept the new iCloud terms of service on your device. You should be able to continue and complete the process. If you can`t get new OPERATING system updates, or if you`ve still passed the iCloud Terms of Service page, read on. I recently installed OS Catalina on my MacBook Air and now I have a pop-up notification that says, “To use iCloud on this Mac, you need to accept the new terms and conditions.” When I click the “View” button, it takes me to a System preferences window and repeats the same message and has a “Terms and Conditions” radio button that I can tap to check and accept it. When I click on the radio button, another window appears and repeats this information again, giving me two radio button options, one titled “Cancel” and the other titled “Terms and Conditions”. When I click on the “Terms and Conditions” button, the processing of this request begins, then stops and simply returns to the previous window. This will not allow me to actually accept the terms and conditions, and so now the small pop-up will continue to appear on my screen and will not disappear.. .